May. 5th, 2012

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Recently I have been happy because:

-Two weeks after breaking my glasses, I finally made it in to the eye doctor's to order new ones. Started looking at frames and mentioned I was angling for the Harry Potter round type (I like 'em, they make me look right nerdy) and the eye-doctor-helper immediately said "oh, then you have to look at these" and that is how I am getting nice new Harry Potter style glasses so I can look like Harry Potter again. Breaking my old pair sucked, of course, but I'm excited to be getting new ones after about seven years of the old pair.

-Speaking of Harry Potter, I finally got a new copy of Prisoner of Azkaban, which is keen because we were actually missing a whole section of our old copy.

-Also I now own the first three Mark Reads Harry Potter books in physical form. Wow, I sound like such a consumerist type, but Mark is awesome and I want to support him, okay?

-I SAW MY BROTHER AGAIN YESTERDAY. (Clarification: I mean my brother-in-all-but-blood, "twin" brother, friend since we were both five years old.) We spent about five and a half hours talking and walking around and I love that after a long period of not even really communicating directly with each other we can just do that. Happy-making. (Incidentally, "bro", if you're reading this, I looked up pertinent and impertinent and why they're not antonyms and it turns out pertinent used to also mean appropriate. Fascinating stuff.) (Yes, this is the sort of thing my family, including adopted members thereof, discuss regularly.)

-I am, like, meeting people in meatspace and socializing with them in other contexts! Admittedly today it was someone I'd met online, but that looks like a potentially excellent network-expanding connection, so I am optimistic that I can, in fact, has social life.

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