May. 27th, 2013

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This weekend, in light of having an extra day off, my family took the time to get caught up on Elementary. I have many thoughts about the show in general and the finale specifically. The non-spoilery version is that Elementary is not an "adaptation" of Sherlock Holmes so much as an "inspired by" with nods and winks to certain storylines, themes and moments in the books, and I absolutely love it. Obviously if I wanted to see Sherlock Holmes I'd watch something else, and also obviously there are problems with Elementary – it's a cop show with all the standard drama-driven breaks from reality that implies, for one – but it's got a lot I really like.

To recap, Elementary has the generic white Brit for Holmes himself, but Watson is portrayed by Lucy Liu. This could have been very bad had they used either the hopelessly-clueless Watson of fame or the more conventional average-Joe sidekick, but instead, Liu plays a competent woman who, while not as brilliant as Holmes, holds her own.

Spoilery-as-in-the-big-twists discussion on tropes, gender, and race in Elementary )

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