May. 14th, 2012

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Stuck a week behind on Legend of Korra thanks to school + Nick putting up episodes online considerably after they air. This means I only this weekend saw last weekend's episode (#5). Actually, we hadn't seen #4 yet either. My non-spoilery thought on the whole thing is that Lin Beifong is totally fandom!Snape (you know, the one who isn't mean, just misunderstood) and I need to either stop coming up with Harry Potter/Legend of Korra crossovers or actually start writing them:

This week, Snape and the Chief complain about these nasty brats who think they're so awesome when really they're nothing special! Next week, we find out part of the nature of the Chief's grudge against Korra as relates to some prank Tenzin played on her when she was a kid! After that, flashback to Iroh and McGonagall having tea while Dumbledore and Aang make cakes together and Katara and Hermione get into an epic argument over the most efficient way to divide chores, but unite in their common frustration when Toph and Ron goof off instead of doing their fair share!

...goddammit I'm supposed to be writing research papers right now.

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