Mar. 23rd, 2012

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I figured I'd better update in some way since [personal profile] rattenmaus actually contacted me the other day to make sure I was all right -- that last post I guess was a bad one to leave off with. I'm all right. I'm flying out tomorrow morning at waytoofuckingearly o'clock for a week out-of-state. I will miss the Legend of Korra premiere, boo. But that's not what I'm here to tell you about.

I'm here to talk about Trayvon Martin. Most of you've probably heard about him, by now; if you haven't, here's an article from the Beeb to help you get the basics on him. I basically -- I signed the petition, I mean, I had to do that much -- I couldn't really think much beyond thinking about his little brother, and how wrong it all is, and why does this stuff happen? And, I'm afraid, "of course it was Florida".

Other people were saying things I thought were more valuable than anything I could say, anyway, and a lot of it was landing in my inbox. The President of the United States' response to a question about Trayvon nearly made me tear up. In Twitterland, Cher was incoherently but eloquently drawing parallels between her son Elijah and Trayvon, Nichelle Nichols was spitting nails -- and Nichelle Nichols is the sweetest person alive, okay -- at this dude called Geraldo Rivera for blaming Trayvon's hoodie. Wait, hoodie?

Okay, so I'm not super observant about these things, but I'm pretty sure where I come from hoodies on teenagers aren't symbolic of anything but being teenaged. All the white high schoolers wear hoodies, as do my fellow private university students. Girls wear hoodies, boys wear hoodies, I wear the only hoodie I own and think to myself "damn, I look pretty good in a hoodie, I should get some others" -- some hoodie types might be class indicators, but not much. Grown men in hoodies, now, a bit more coded -- if he's got a hoodie and a baseball cap on at the same time he's almost assuredly a Mexican immigrant -- but kids? Nah. So I hear that hoodies are criminal clothing and I'm completely baffled. And I now want to wear one at all times, because it'll either give me such a bad-boy look that my incredibly boring behavior will be balanced out or help neutralize the image of the hoodie in American society.

I just don't even. I want to scream from every rooftop in the nation, over and over: I do not consent to have others' blood and tears shed to protect my status as a white American. I don't want privilege at that price. I want to say "no" and of course it's not that easy, is it? But that's all I have.

I'm sorry, Trayvon. I'm sorry.

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