Mar. 3rd, 2012


Mar. 3rd, 2012 10:13 pm
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FYI for anyone who's interested: the play "8" premiered in Los Angeles today and is now available to watch online; here's a link, skipping the pre-show show and starting at the 30-minute mark in the full two-hour video.

My thoughts:

Lot of good acting there -- I couldn't decide who I liked best, though I'm leaning towards Jane Lynch's delightfully over-the-top odiousness. A bit disappointed by how limited George Takei's part was, honestly, but he sure made effective use of his time in the spotlight. I was also a bit disappointed that we didn't get any of the ruling, just the case itself, though I understand why -- the scene in the courtroom is what the proponents managed to keep from getting out, so that's what they wanted to show. Wish the cast had been off script. (Takei was, but he had so few lines....) Excellent job compressing the whole trial into a watchable format while making sure to show most of the critical portions; could've had more on the animus question but I get the sense the target audience is not in need of convincing on the merits of the case.

It was surprisingly entertaining, especially given that I've been so depressed over just thinking about Prop. 8 lately. Not sure why this didn't trigger more of that, but I'm not questioning a positive development.

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